Documentation from konsthall C art space in Hökarängen, Stockholm 2013

The installation Waves of seeing has it´s starting point in the myth of a lake monster that is said to live in one of the great lakes in the north of Sweden. The center of the installation is a container of water from the actual lake that rests upon a loudspeaker. In the loudspeaker a muffled underwater like sound can be heard that through its low frequencies generates waves on the water in the container. The sound is a recorded testimony from someone seeing something in the lake. The recording is made abstract by lowering its speed to resemble something being played under water. A videocamera is placed in front of the container continuously filming the reflection in the water of a photographic evidence hung on the wall behind the loudspeaker. In this installation still image becomes moving image through the water from the lake and the told and the seen is in constant conflict with each other.