Lost Pigeons takes it´s start in ten feathers collected from a carrier pigeon club outside the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden. I came across a small article in the local news paper telling the story of how nearly two thousand pigeons from the club had gone missing because of a sun storm happening the day of the release. This was in july 2005 and the pigeons where racing from a nearby town back to the loft.

From the story of the sun storm and the pigeons flying lost I began making images with cyanotype, a chemical sensitive to the UV light from the sun. From the process of the blue I found a now extinct pigeon from the blue pigeon family. It was living in one of the islands around Mauritius called Rodgrigues. There for the name Rodrigues Pigeon. The bird was big and slow and had no fear for humans, since on the island it had no natural enemies. It was living a comfortable life. From the mid 18 th century I found a description from a french expedition of the Rodrigues Pigeon, mostly talking about the bird in terms of its good meat, it is the only description of the bird while it is alive. A few years later the last note about the bird is found in a text written by the french Astronomer Alexandre Guy Pingré. He was traveling to the island of Rodrigues to make observations of the transit of Venus, an event where Venus travels in front of the sun´s surface. He failed his observations, maybe because of bad weather or from the poor eye sight he was known to have. A description in a notebook from the trip describes how the pigeons of the island, that previous expeditions had seen and eaten were no where to be found.

The Rodrigues pigeon is extinct forever and the only few remains of bones that scientists found in a cave on the island were lost. In 2005 new discoveries were made and hopefully this can put som light on the bird.

The pigeons that lost their way in Sweden during the race eventually found the way back home to their lofts.



The eyes of the astronomer 

Pigeons who lost their way
Feathers from: Pigeons who lost their way

A crater on the moon 

Rodrigues Pigeon
Bone Fragments from the extinct : Rodrigues Pigeon